1. I

    May not last here, too ashamed but can't seem to quit.

    Hello. I have finally admitted to my addiction, (to myself). I am embarrassed by this but I suppose since I have no friends or family that I should feel "safe" discussing this here. I am older, overweight and am not a positive person, but when I wear and use I am at ease. I am a very...
  2. AussieLils

    Plus size IC Diapers Australia

    I got refered to this site by a friend whose a DL. I have incontinence issues that are getting worse, I have some XL Depends but their too small and dont absorb much. The cheapest I can find AUD for 2XL or bigger [if there is bigger id love to know!] is $106 for 32 without postage. I was...
  3. C


    Hello to all. My name is Tatiana Min Sun and I'm a 22 yr old (going onto 3) little who loves chubby women and diapers. I'm seeking one to be my Mommy. I'm a virgin who hasn't had her first kiss yet. In other words, I haven't been exposed sexually and I wanna find somebody chubby who is just like...
  4. BabyHeroSakura

    Does anyone think I'm fat? Honest replies only.

    Okay this is just to ask out there, but do I look fat I'm 5"1, weigh in 112llbs, and have a 31 inch waist. I'm just asking for my own safety. Plus I lift weights in school.
  5. E

    Great news if you're American

    As I'm sure all us Americans are well aware of, we've been the butt of the world's fat jokes for quite awhile now. Well, great news! We're no longer the fattest country in the world! That title now belongs to Australia who managed to beat our 25% obesity rate by 1%. Australia World's Most Obese...