1. U

    End of my diaper/nappy life

    Hi anyone reading this I have come to a decision to quit wearing diapers, in the past I had a partner who was very understandimg about being a dl and would participate by also wearing ,we would change eachother and such like and for quite a while I was happy and loved her for many reasons ...
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Just To Let Ya Know (Farewell thread)

    I've decided to leave the site. I could sit here and go on about why for paragraphs, but I don't have any reason to and would feel like I'm giving myself unwarranted importance. It was a good run. Thanks for the memories. Been here almost 2 years. In that two years I've changed a ton. So has...
  3. Vladimir


    I've suffered every day because of you. You piss me off, you depress me, and I am not amused. I just wanted to be a VIP, but no, Mighty Moo chose to put a secret requirement without telling anyone. I just don't feel like fighting this dictatorship anymore. Not only that, but a bunch of assholes...