1. horatiohusky

    The Plush Dungeon [Comm]

    The Plushie Dungeon By Horatio Husky Commission for Ollie The clinking of armor could be heard distinctly throughout the forest grove as a sheep clad in sparkling metal marched steadily towards his destination. The confident smile adorning his face was hidden by a shiny, metal helmet...
  2. Darklight

    História Del Darklinia

    Lightning. It booms down to the ground with thunderous crackle. The Norrial Empire's Southern Provinces are expecting a heavy storm. People are going through their day amidst this storm as required by their Province King. A crack of lightning strikes down again, filling the sky with bright...
  3. L

    AB into ANR

    I was an AB as far back as I can remember. But my wife does except the lifestyle. So I had to make changes and sacrifices. In the process I have learned a lot about myself and my needs. Maybe even the reason I became an AB. I realized I was always a boob man. I always fantasized of being in a...
  4. Xzanza

    Introduction to "The Dark Queen"

    So, I've working on a new novel for a year or so now, and I finally finished the introduction. Most of what I've been doing is brainstorming, so I just recently got everything down on paper; beforehand, it was all in my head. Still working on a lot of stuff, but I had enough information to do...
  5. DanDanSuperman

    The Interruption

    Beginning I couldn’t decide between the steamed fish and grilled chicken thigh. They were both similarly priced and, I imagined, a similar portion size. I settled for the chicken: the French fries swayed it. Dean was having a burger. He seemed quiet. I rubbed his knee under the table...
  6. MrSun

    White Ears _ DF story

    Reposting because this was deleted. I always knew I would be eaten, but I've never expected to wait so long in suspense. Felines have been known to play with their food, but I've haven't heard of any that take meals home. I made several attempts to escape, but the shock collar and leash made...
  7. SicartheaSpikefan

    What are some of your ABDL fantasies

    I know there have been threads like this in the past, but most of them seem to be closed. So tell us Who would your ideal mate/mates be and what would they be like. What would you be like. (Age, clothes, mood, what ever is needed to explain the senerio.) What senerio's would you be in.
  8. SilverSurfer

    Diaper fantasies you could fulfill?

    I had a fantasy about pooping in an Abena M-4 diaper in my community college restroom (handicap one). And changing it in there. It lead me to wonder if that's possible? I'm hearing a lot of no's from other threads I've seen so...Any thoughts about it? Plus, have you had random fantasies like...
  9. DylanK

    What would you do if you had a Dollhouse Doll?

    Ok so this I'm a late watcher of the amazing Joss Whedon series Dollhouse, given that it was cancelled after 2 seasons 2 years ago but having joined netflix I found the series and the premise of programmable people living in a place called a Dollhouse spoke to the little in me. For those that...
  10. PamperedBottom

    If you could choose from these women to diaper you

    Who would you choose? Sally Field Holly Hunter Kathleen Turner Christina Applegate Vanessa Lengies Shailene Woodley I know this sounds like a random list, but if you could choose from these women to diaper you, which would be your picks? You could even be creative with give a scenario for each...