1. P

    Random Facts that you find interesting

    I like finding bits of random facts and things, I'm wondering what kinds of things everyone else out there find. Post something that you have looked up or researched and thought was interesting or funny, include meme's gifs, pics, whatever. ran into this bit of info today never really thought...
  2. Premetheus

    Some random facts about me.

    Here are some random facts about me in no particular order -I have been a rollerblader for 14 years -My girlfriend knows all of my secrets and accepts me as I am -My girlfriend didn't know she was a furry until I explained it to her -I love music with a real message but not so much cursing. If...
  3. TeddyHugs

    The Straight Facts of Incontinentce

    I have yet to see an unbiased post about IC. People either hate it, they love it, or they want to be it. Here, I am going to attempt to write everything clear-cut and completely neutrally. I won't try to discourage you from becoming, and I won't try to convince you either. Straight facts. Pros...