1. kik91

    Social Suicide? It Wasn't.

    Okay, so I did something that many of you guys will probably scold me. I was feeling very good with myself today. I am a person who uses Facebook a lot, because it allows me to communicate with my friends over the world with ease. All my highschool, college and work friends are there, so I...
  2. C

    Facebook bedwetters

    This might be of interest to some bedwetting enthusiasts https://www.facebook.com/Radioonelebanon/photos/a.126072524081823.17183.124271334261942/932357496786651/ It's a link to an image posted on Facebook that says "Don't use the bathroom in your dream... It's a setup". This may be of...
  3. F

    I just quit Facebook

    After many wasted hours in front of my computer reading about other people complaining about other people, I found this website, it is so upbeat and friendly that Facebook and my useless apps had to go. Especially after they put a 7 day block on me for requesting a couple of local friends that...
  4. chevre

    Would you ever "come out" on social media?

    Just wondering if anybody has, or would, come out on social media like Facebook as an AB/DL? And I'm talking like "real" profile, not an alt diaper-only account. For me the answer right now is "no", but on more than a few occasions I've found myself visiting a page like Bambino Diapers' page...
  5. Altric

    A Babyfur Social Network!

    If you are into social networking and are a babyfur, there is a new social network just for babyfurs now. It has been up for a little over a week now, and currently (as of this posting) has 79 members! If you are interested, check it out at Babyfur.ME - Home Page
  6. Y

    Facebook Crash?

    I didn't know were else to go nobody uses Myspace anymore so I can't ask my friends there so I was wodering did anyone have any Facebook logging into Facbook on 2/23/11?