1. itsacurlyone

    Australia's Supplier of ABDL diapers

    Littles Down Under have just been appointed as Australia's official supplier of Bambino diapers and these are due to land in Australia any day nowhttp://www.littles-downunder.com.au We are also the supplier of Rearz, Crinklz, BetterDry, Fabine and lots more. Australia's only physical store and...
  2. itsacurlyone

    Tykables - coming back to Australia

    It is with great excitement that I am able to inform our readers - more especially in Australia that Tykables are coming back to Australia. http://www.littles-downunder.com.au have formed a business relationship with Tykables and new stock is on way. Littles Down Under should receive the stock...
  3. itsacurlyone

    Littles-downunder - Australia - Fabine, Crinklz and Rearz

    Just for information, for those that have been awaiting the arrival of Fabine diapers back to Australia, the long awaited Black nappy has now arrived, together with the Fabine Teddy diaper. The Teddy design is the original design that they started with several years ago. Both of these have a...
  4. itsacurlyone


    For those in Australia who are after new nappies or a supplier, I run both littles-downunder.com.au and also down-undercare.com.au. We are about to receive our supply of Rearz Safari nappies in all sizes. These are available to (pre) order now, and currently (for a limited time only) you can...
  5. J

    Fabine Diapers + Bambino + ABU Super Dry Kids + 13 Premium Diaper Brands..

    Hi I'm new to the forum but I've been lurking here for a while. I'm wondering what the demand would be for a product which contains 1 of each of the following diapers: • Dry 24/7 • Absorbency Plus Level 4 • Tena Slip Maxi • Abri-Form Comfort • Molicare Super Plus • TotalDry Plus • Classico...
  6. D

    ABU, Cuddlz or Fabine?

    Which of these is your favourite? Abus, cuddlz or fabines? And why? I have only tried abu sdk so far, they look nice and the plastic feels just like 90's pampers. Only the price is a bit too high to get them regularly and the tapes could be even wider, since it feels like that if you tape them...