fabine exclusive

  1. LesserRiking

    United States Fabine Distributor? (Survey Inside!)

    Hey, folks! My name's Casey. I'm a DL, I live in Utah, and I've lurked on ADISC for years before finally creating an account. I've been in talks with Buntewindel.de about becoming a United States authorized distributor so us ABDLs can get our hands on those damn elusive Fabines cheaper than 4...
  2. LesserRiking

    Fabine Manufacturer?

    Does anyone have a clue as to which company actually *manufactures* Fabines? I know Buntewindel.de sells them, but I believe they're just a middle man and that a separate company manufactures them and, in turn, sells them to Buntewindel who then sells them to us.
  3. U

    Fabine Exclusive diapers UK

    These are being sold on ebay at the moment and i sampled a pack for a large fee of course. I think overall they are great but only as a treat diaper. I can't believe they hold 4 litres of wee. I could never fill one. What are your overall experiences of these and was it positive or negative? :)