1. EdwardTheDL1998

    I think I got caught? What should I do?

    Okay, so... I go to school in Denmark ATM. (Higher Technical Exam. AKA. HTX.) And there's this girl who one day suddenly laughed a bit, which I thought was directed at me, cause she pointed in my direction. (Everyone in our class had to much fun to realize that she meant something about me, so...
  2. Cthulhu

    Leaving an exposed diaper in a public restroom trash can?

    I've changed in public restrooms several times, mostly for the thrill. Even though it turns me on a bit if someone goes in the restroom after me and most likely will see the diaper in the trashcan, i kind of feel a bit bad about it sometimes since they probably really dont want to see it...
  3. SuperTed

    Unexpected close call!

    So luckily for me me wife knows about my ABDL side and is supportive. I run a small ABDL business from home which my wife helps me with. Yesterday I received a big order from my manufacturer of over 100 snap crotch onesies in four different colours/prints. I had unpackaged the order and laid...
  4. PetPuppyAlex

    The Downside Behind Overwhelming Acceptance

    So, my girlfriend of a few months has recently become aware of the whole babyfur side of me, and she loves it. She has even gone as far as to take the role of 'mommy' and everything. She's completely ecstatic. She changes me, she feeds me, the whole nine. And, to many of you, this is your...