1. K

    Good sources needed for ABDL explanation.

    Hey peeps, I have been trying to explain the ABDL lifestyle to my friend who I recently told about my other side. The problem is she is not the sharpest knife in the set and is have having an issue comprehending it. I have said she can ask me any question she wants and I'll answer it but that...
  2. Sitherus

    The common mans view on Diaper/ Adult baby fetishism.

    after searching the web for the stuff that i search for, every once in a while i come across topics about the infintilism and AB/DL or adult diaper fetishism. Most of these sites are stupid (people talking about banning adult diapers per house hold or the "I just found out..." bs) but every so...
  3. B

    ok im dumb so can i have a key please?

    Hi all, as ive been interation with others and reading many posts i have come accross aa lot of new words and things that i havent a clue what they mean. Untill i came accross this site all ive ever known are Pull-ups here in the UK and i know i like wearing them...simple yes until now I...