1. Pokogirl

    Experimenting With Pullups

    So, Today I'm going to test out the full potential of one of favorite mamy poko pants diaper. I have stuffed my underwear with lots of tissue paper and a handkerchief. I wore the xxl size pullups on top of it. Wore A soft plastic sheet cut out in the shape of a diaper over the pullups. And...
  2. F

    Social experiment at college - yes or no?

    Hi everybody :-) Before some time I have started to wear diaper for every night. I do not usually wear diapers at day, and I just behave like bedwetter. It is big fun for me now, but school will start soon again and I will live with my friend in our college room. I have never said to him that...
  3. C

    How to experience incontinence safely?

    For a long time, I've been attempting to plan a several day long (or longer) experiment to try to experience what life with IC must be like. However, as I've never experienced it myself, I don't really know how I would best simulate it to try to fully understand the struggles involved. I am not...
  4. AmberBulb95

    Plugged in Public

    Today I relived an awesome experience I had years ago! I finally worked up the courage to make the trip home from school with my dummy. I put it in my school bag this morning, kept it in my locker until the fifth period (I get the sixth period off on Mondays) and took advantage of the...