1. Cheesycake

    Diapers while drinking?

    So, for those of us that drink we know that alcohol makes us pee more. One of the few times I've worn diapers (I don't do it much) I drank that night, and went through about 5 or so of them really fast. Now, in my case I only had the standard Tena pullups you can buy in stores, so I'm wondering...
  2. psychonautalis

    He Gets It... But, He Wants To Know Why

    Hello little and big friends, Just wanted to ask a few questions as to how you guys would answer this or respond if this were you... I've recently opened up to my partner about my diaper-wearing and my little side...and he gets it, I feel he really does. He validates me and listens...
  3. A

    diaper depot in florida

    anyone have experience with the Florida location of diaper depot? was thinking about going there but would like to know if anyone has experience with them and what it was like.
  4. C

    Change in the mundane

    Sometimes I find myself in a difficult position. No, nothing in the sense of a life changing decision. Just that, some will come home to the same thing. Wake up the next day to relieve the same experiences from the previous day. Tomorrow I'll go to the same job. Sure, I may eat an apple with...
  5. Rocky

    Does anyone work at a place that sells diapers?

    I don't really know if there's already a post like this or not... I thought about posting this in the AB section, but it's technically for people 18+, and I'm 17... Does anybody here work at a place that sells diapers? Like Walmart, Shopko, K-mart, CVS, Walgreens, Shopko Express, or any other...
  6. leicesterfan

    Wearing in Public: Your Experiences

    Hi guys, I've just been trawling through old threads and came across a closed one that talked about people's experiences of wearing diapers in public. As it was closed, I couldn't post my experiences and many more of you would be unable to so I thought I'd start up a new thread. Feel free to...
  7. Ryan_d

    Okay, so I bought some new diapers!

    So, thease are called, First Quality. I will wear one tonight. I bought them at The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy - Medicine Shoppe - Online Pharmacy & Drugstore, Prescriptions, Medicare Part D Information, Health Information They have actual storees you can go into and buy things from them. So I...
  8. betagame

    Great diaper experiences

    This is the opposite thread of Peachys thread bad diaper experiences i was wondering about great diaper eXperiences, did you watch movies all day in an abeana x-plus and have a great time? were your parents on vacation and you wore all that time? did you walked in an x-plus and had an orgasm if...