1. R

    Whats your experience with group events?

    Hey guys, I was looking up group meet ups for abdl folk in the UK and wondered if anyone has had any expereince with them? If so, whats your story? Were they too sexualised? What rules did people need to follow? Was it an accepting atmosphere? Thanks ☺
  2. MatalicPebble

    Has anyone tried this?!!

    Honey I suck a pacifier . I was spraying a pan with non-stick pam spray and I had one of my pacifiers in a small glass bowl of coffee beens. You know the ones that is used to separate egg yokes and what not? I do this so that my paci does not smell like the plastic cradle that I put it in...
  3. S

    My first experience wearing adult diapers

    Hey there, this is my personal follow-up to my previous thread, where I was asked to share my experience after trying diapers for the first time (not counting my early childhood, of course). My diaper package arrived at Thursday and the following day I could go home earlier, so I wanted to use...
  4. G

    First time wetting diaper

    Hey, everyone! I've been good, I wet my diaper! ^-^ But with all joking aside, yesterday, I wet my diaper for the very first time, and I thought I would share my experience to you all. So, basically, I'm quite new to the ABDL-stuff, and when I started, I thought I would start off slowly...
  5. huggiedandpampered

    Hello new friends!

    Hi, my friends call me Jake. I'm an ABDL and at times I also enjoy being a sissy, depending on my mood. My first memory of being attracted to diapers was when I was about 10. I was at my aunt's house with my cousin, and we were in the guest bedroom which had once been the children's bedroom...
  6. U

    So I Need Some Advice... MOVING TO BLOG

    Hello from a long-time lurker and first time poster. I've decided to post here because I know everyone here is very open and helpful when it comes to us newbies so I figured this would be the place to ask my questions. Firstly I think it's important to know that while my profile says "diaper...
  7. C

    How to experience incontinence safely?

    For a long time, I've been attempting to plan a several day long (or longer) experiment to try to experience what life with IC must be like. However, as I've never experienced it myself, I don't really know how I would best simulate it to try to fully understand the struggles involved. I am not...
  8. D

    An awkward delivery experience

    So I ordered 4 bags (1 case) of Cuddlz from the UK to be delivered to my door around week ago. This morning I got a call from the delivery guy, he said that the package has been damaged somewhat. He asked that would I like him to bring it to a post office for repackaging and delivered by...
  9. AmberBulb95

    Plugged in Public

    Today I relived an awesome experience I had years ago! I finally worked up the courage to make the trip home from school with my dummy. I put it in my school bag this morning, kept it in my locker until the fifth period (I get the sixth period off on Mondays) and took advantage of the...
  10. Doctorwalrus

    what was your best diapered experience EVER?

    My best diapered experience was either home alone doing anything i want with my diapers or the time i was wearing a diaper right after swimming a bunch (it felt amazing)
  11. D

    What was your first diaper experience after toddler age?

    I recall my first diaper experience when I was around 5. I was in daycare. It was nearly time to take a nap, clock was around 12. Before changing to sleeping clothes, I realized that I had wet my pants a little. The nurse also noticed that and told me to look for an extra pair of underpants from...
  12. SilverSurfer

    Diaper fantasies you could fulfill?

    I had a fantasy about pooping in an Abena M-4 diaper in my community college restroom (handicap one). And changing it in there. It lead me to wonder if that's possible? I'm hearing a lot of no's from other threads I've seen so...Any thoughts about it? Plus, have you had random fantasies like...
  13. Q

    Feelings in dreams

    So I've been having vivid dream for the past few months ( I don't know why or will go into detail) and I've been able to 'feel'. Like running water through my hands or pain. For example, if I'm dreaming about laying in the grass I can feel the grass blades and if it's raining I can feel the...
  14. Jossilyn

    Just how bad do conventions get?

    Hey you guys, I'm working on a toddler Egyptian fruit bat fur suit and I wanted to know If any of you guys have experience going to a Convention in full babyfur garb? I know babyfurs/littlefurs have a bad rep in the community but would I be in danger of being all alone in a corner because...
  15. bbabysitter26

    Diapers and the Cinema

    So I previously posted about activities in diapers and I noticed a few people who liked to go to the movies in diapers. (You can see that post Here ) I thought that this was a great idea as I'm almost always painfully holding my bladder so that I won't miss a beat. It's pretty public wearing...
  16. EvanNibbler

    First Diapers?

    So, what was your first experience with getting a diaper? Where from? How many? How did you get them? What brand? etc.... So share your stories! Oh, and please no accounts of "homemade diapers" or anything like that. Thanks!
  17. Littleabgirl

    Baby night - what shall we do?

    Well, Daddy has said that he'd be interessted in baby-ing me again and he's bought me some AB things for christmas, so I was wondering, what shall we do on baby night? Usually it will be lots of snuggles, nappy checks, occasionally a bottle, always my dummy and more snuggles (Love snuggling...
  18. E

    Best Diaper for a Beginner...?

    So, I'm sure there are plenty of posts asking about which diaper is your favorite but what would anyone recomend for a noob? I haven't worn any yet, so I don't know very much about what I like... here are my suspicions: -I only want to do #1 to start... I'm not even sure I will like that. :\...
  19. Kid

    ADISC is Enhancing my Experience

    The last two (2) days I started sleeping with a pacifier at night and even have it in my mouth while wearing a maximum protection diaper under my clothes for the day and of course type this thread. I never thought of using one before becoming involved in expressing my experiences here on this...