1. S

    Finally did it :D

    i finally gathered the courage to go and buy diapers! it was kinda emberassing i went in go to the seller and when i wanted to talk i was just stuttering but luckily she understood what i wanted and for my suprise she was fully mutrual to it...(i guess its her job so...yes...) . I rushed home...
  2. Premetheus

    I have great news!

    Well actually a lot of good news! I'm engadged :3 not only that... but I am finally getting the wifi tower in my yard that I mentioned in a blog I think awhile back. I'm so excited I could wet myself *wink*. I'll eventually be a regular member here. The tower hasn't been built yet but I'm at a...
  3. ks1990


    After 18 months of no diapers, I just ordered a few samples(a few days ago that is) and I'm so excited! I'm a bedwetter(not by choice) and I'm looking forward to not waking up in a puddle! I'm trying the Tranquility ATN briefs and pull-ups and the Tena Stretch Super briefs. I also ordered a...
  4. C


    Hi there! I am a new member ofc =] I am 16 years old and have recently discovered my love for the idea of wearing diapers (...or Nappys as I am proudly British ^^) I remembered the thoughts I had of it as a child and realised I still quite liked the idea <3 ...I am finding it hard to open up...
  5. 8ball

    my intro :D

    hey guys! i'm really excited to be here and i feel like i'm going to like it here a lot! :):smile1: i'm glad that there are so many people here that are like me and understand me! i will go ahead and mention up front that i'm about 13 years old and i live in missouri. I don't think there's much...