1. Llayden

    NorthShore Supreme = Aced Finals!!!

    So, today I had one of my final exams. It was about three hours long, I had a couple bottles of water in the hour or so leading up to it and one Diet Coke during the exam. I knew that I wouldn't make it through the test without having to get up once or twice, and I hate that. It always breaks...
  2. xtrabulk

    An Embarrasing Visit to Dr

    So about a year ago, I was having prostate infections. I had gotten a few DREs, so when I went back for a follow up, I knew I'd be getting another. So, I get called back, and my doctor...and good friend...came in and closed the door. I went over to shake his hand. After that, he made chitchat...
  3. Near

    Exam stress

    Well, its exam time. Hurray! I actually liked my exam periods quite a bit last year, but right now I'm completely petrified. I'm not used to the idea of failing classes (I've never failed a school/university class, and rarely has it been close), but for the first time I'm feeling like I'll...
  4. B

    wearing a diaper to my exam tomorrow

    ok so, i decided since we only have 2 days left of school and both those days i get out a one 'o' clock, i should wear a diaper. now tomorrow, i have one class, my math exam, its about a two hour class and then i would go home. unfortunatly i used my last regular abena so im going to have wear a...