1. LittleBlueDuck

    ABDL Events

    Hello! I recently attended an amazing littles club event in Manchester and loved it! However I’ve just moved up to Scotland and am not aware of anything similar up here😞 any fellow Scottish ABDLs know of anything? I’ve only ever gone to one event and although I loved it I struggled to let go...
  2. TabulaRasa2017

    First experience at an ABDL event - like a first kiss

    Hello my little friends, I've recently been to my first ABDL/littles event and met some wonderful people in real life. I'm going to describe a few things briefly and vaguely because it was a special experience for me and I shared some intimate things with others that are best kept private. But...
  3. MommyPenelope

    Does anyone know when BouncyTown will be back?

    I've heard a lot of good things about the kink festival known as BouncyTown and I really want to go and meet some new friends but sadly it keeps getting cancelled. Does anyone know when it will be back or is it permanently cancelled?