1. R

    Whats your experience with group events?

    Hey guys, I was looking up group meet ups for abdl folk in the UK and wondered if anyone has had any expereince with them? If so, whats your story? Were they too sexualised? What rules did people need to follow? Was it an accepting atmosphere? Thanks ☺
  2. TabulaRasa2017

    First experience at an ABDL event - like a first kiss

    Hello my little friends, I've recently been to my first ABDL/littles event and met some wonderful people in real life. I'm going to describe a few things briefly and vaguely because it was a special experience for me and I shared some intimate things with others that are best kept private. But...
  3. BernardFx

    Introducing: Doodle Tuesday!

    (could a mod please sticky this?) It has been decided. ADISC needed more events! So, I took the liberty to add Doodle Tuesday to the ADISC calendar of events. It's every third Tuesday, and it's a special day where you just draw what ever is on your mind. Here, if possible, you can upload your...
  4. Kyatto

    RBW Space-Cowboys

    Anyone going to this Furry event? RBW-2010 Its called ''Space Cowboys'' 2 day event on a ship in London. It looks like fun but, i'll be honest...I wanna go, but i'm also pretty scared too, i've never been to a convention or an event like this in my life. That sounds silly that i'm scared of...