1. Sleepo

    "Ninjamas" seem to finally be available in Europe

    Hello there, I've somewhat randomly stumbled upon diapers listings on different Amazon european websites and it seems like Ninjamas are finally available in Europe, albeit under a different name. Some of you may already know that Pampers doesn't exist in Spain and is instead called "Dodot"...
  2. TheHayleeRaven

    Mainland Europe diaper sizing

    I am spending a year in France for university and I wanted to know does anyone know what diaper (size) I need for 32 inch waist. I know that Tena is the popular one in Europe and if you have those sizes that would've great. I know that this is a fairly popular thread but could not find it...
  3. B

    Kimberly-Clark (Maker of Huggies and Drynites) to Pull Out of Europe

    Kimberly-Clark to Pull Out of Diaper Businesses in Much of Europe - This is just too bad. No more Drynites... I'll also miss their wet wipes.
  4. LushieCat


    I'm just a girl with many passions. I love talking about anything and everything, really interested in getting to know new and interesting people. Currently in college for pursuing a career in medicine, and so studying full time. I only recently started to realize full on how into...
  5. captainpollution

    Manufacturing locations/companies of ABDL diapers

    I know that TENA diapers are made in USA and Europe and Attends are made in the USA, Molicare in Germany, Abena in Sweden and Assure is made in China. Does anyone know where Wellness Briefs, Tranquility, Dry 24/7 or Bambino diapers are manufactured? Furthermore, where does ABU get their custom...