1. N

    Is it ok?

    I have been learning and interested in the ABDL lifestyle for 6 months now, and have heard all manner of personal stories of how others connect with age play or ABDL! I am quite accepting of what I have learned, and see a valuable place in life for this… connecting with an inner contentment...
  2. plasticsounds

    Wearing disposables is the environmental choice...?

    I came upon this interesting article about cotton diapers vs. disposable. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-cloth-diapers-might-not-be-the-greener-choice-after-all/2015/05/08/32b2d8dc-f43a-11e4-bcc4-e8141e5eb0c9_story.html It's worth reading if you have guilt about wearing...
  3. N

    How come all the diapers are going non-woven?

    Just some years ago, most premium diapers was plastic backed. But somehow something changed, and many of the manufacturers has started to use non-woven materials instead of plastic. I know that there's an environmental reason for this, but I still don't get how and why they're starting with the...
  4. SuperTed

    Diapers + Environment = Bad!!

    Hey fellow ADISC members! Just thought I'd raise a topic that seems to have had very little discussion. I really don't want to seem like a enviro-do gooder or anything, but have you ever considered the amount of extra landfill we create by wearing diapers as a hobby. Every time I chuck out a...