energy drinks

  1. MatalicPebble

    Energy drinks (Love them or hate them)

    Do you love them? If so what kinds? If you hate them then are there any caffeinated drinks you prefer? Coffee, tea, soda; Whats your thing? . . My input My family and friends don't like that I drink them, but I only get them once in a blue moon. I like to have one on Christmas morning and of...
  2. Premetheus

    know energy drinks are bad, is it okay to have one once a day or every other day? I'm not caffeine sensitive and I limit it as best I can

    So I know as I stated, overall they're bad. So is coffee to a degree, probably less so than energy drinks. Which I love both but only do one or the other depending on my craving. Pop probably ranks 2nd on the bad for you list, but I drink that once a day so that's something to take into account...