1. woodenpotty

    Then and now

    I am wondering did you receive enemas as a actual child and get them now as an AB. Or did you get them as an actual child not now as an AB? Or not as an actual child but now as an AB?
  2. K

    My Introduction

    Thought I’d start with an introduction. I am a 60ish male, married and living in New England. Although my wife of many years knows about my diaper desires she really doesn’t want any part of it and I don’t force the issue. As to how my interest in diapers developed I grew up with a double...
  3. R


    Hey I'm ryand I've been on and off of here for about a year. wanting to get some new ideas and talk to some ppl.
  4. Addy


    I've noticed throughout the ABDL community there are several people who use enemas and/or laxatives. In light of this I want to post some possible effects their continual and persistent use may have. As far as enemas are concerned, undergoing enemas can disrupt the mechanisms that are in place...