1. C

    Finished How I found peace being a Little.

    When I was a kid, in maybe 3rd to 5th grade, I had a friend named Erika. I'd go over to her house almost all the time. But as I continued going over, Her father started doing weirder and weirder things to me. He'd pat my butt (in my house that's just a gentle hello) but... when your friends dad...
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Collars: Sexual or Emotional?

    I've been doing some looking around the site for interestingly new content and I didn't find anything that fit my definition of 'new and interesting' per se. But, seeing as I haven't posted anything or interacted with ADISC at all in a hellishly long time, I've actually developed a good...
  3. PetPuppyAlex

    If a diaper fetish is when its sexual, what is it called if it's just emotional?

    Out of curiosity?