1. V

    longing (poem)

    How I long, for a day without rain, for a night without blame, for a mind not insane, and for a life without pain. How I wish for a soul not so cold, a heart that is bold, a hand I can hold, and "its okay" to be told How I long to not cry in my bed, to scream in my head, for no tears to be...
  2. A

    Emo Style? (no offence inteded)

    Does anyone here like the dark colored clothing and way they dress? My friend gave me a pair of his gloves and I have to admit, I do like them, and I also prefer wearing black shirt and shoes, along with dark colored jeans, but I care a lot about things.. (environment, people, school, etc.) Can...
  3. Pramrider

    Present Day Slang Defs Needed

    OK, showing my total naive-ness with this thread. :o I keep seeing certain slang words used over and over not just on ADISC, so I'm breaking down and asking for some definitions to understand what is meant. Here's some of them: Emo Pwned Owned Shagged Tagged I'm guessing 'Emo' is short for...