1. Sitherus

    Do you sleep in just a diaper, or nude?

    I bought a cloth diaper just to feel comfortable in it and like me to feel happy. I wear it to sleep every night no pants no shirt. I was thinking if there was a fire or the alarm went off or if for some reason you had to run of of the house.would you take to time to put on pants and burn to...
  2. O

    Anyone into public diaper exposure/messing/embarrasment? I share my thoughts and ask for yours.

    Just wondering if any of you fine guys/girls enjoy the feeling of public exposure or wearing of Diapers? If so then do you ever purposely expose your diaper to another person (or perhaps soil it in public) eg. bend over to pick something up and the diaper is momentarily exposed or maybe asking...
  3. Jossilyn

    Being Publicly Found Out

    Sorry but I couldn't think of a good title to describe what I mean so I apologize for the vagueness in the title. >-< Anyway I was wondering what someone would do if you got asked "Are you a(n) *bdl?" like at school, work and anywhere in public. The reason I bring this up is 1. I have a...