1. michaelmc

    Exposed diaper embarassment

    I had an embarassing situation a couple of days ago when i got out of bed answered the door half asleep for a parcel in just T-shirt and diaper and then realised:wallbash:.have you had a embarassing moment like that?:dunno:
  2. dlnotab

    I messed up.

    Today I got off work, came home and took off my soaked diaper and put on a pull up. Then I went to my girlfriend's house and got a little frisky. It was dark in her room while I was getting dressed. We were in her kitchen talking. I was standing at the counter when I started to pee...
  3. Sitherus

    Do you sleep in just a diaper, or nude?

    I bought a cloth diaper just to feel comfortable in it and like me to feel happy. I wear it to sleep every night no pants no shirt. I was thinking if there was a fire or the alarm went off or if for some reason you had to run of of the house.would you take to time to put on pants and burn to...
  4. PamperedBottom

    Which situation is more embarrassing?

    Which is less embarrassing and one that you much rather prefer. 1.) Peeing your pants by accident during class on the one day you decide to sit in the front of the classroom. Your teacher having to stop the class, sending you to the nurses office with all of your friends and classmates that...
  5. ShortGuy

    Hi adisc !

    Hi everyone on ADISC. This is the first time in my life I seriously joined a website with the dedication to be truly honest with/about myself. I will answer any questions asked honestly. The first honesty would be that i previously joined this site with another name and falsified my age (never...