1. Prairie

    If Pampers Easy Ups elastic siding could be used for UnderJams

    I noticed that Pampers Easy Ups has some superior elastic siding/waist. The construction seems to be elastic fibers which take the tension, and an excess of the nonwoven material that bunches up into the folds you see. I wonder whether they will eventually move this over to UnderJams, with their...
  2. SimCo

    Elastic waistband in rear?

    I know that having elastic waistbands on both the front and back of a diaper is considered a plus, but I'm not sure what function the elastic actually serves. Can someone shed some light on this subject?
  3. Sitherus

    Looking for a diaper with these features...

    I want a diaper with 2-4 tabs maximum thicknes and absorbancy with sap and kids pictures on them i need them to have elastic around the legs and be like that plasticy/rubbery type feel that many abu diapers have basically i want all of that in one diaper does any one know of any that come close...