1. plasticsounds

    Interesting article. I just read the above article. It's nothing new, just another link in the chain of educating the masses. The more positive information, the better.
  2. squashNstretch

    Simple physical and mental challenge... Who is with me?

    For the little while I've been trying to fill some gaps in my highschool education. I was never a very good student in school and have now found a stronger foundation in math will help me make the next steps in my career. I have recently found that the Khan Academy also has a practice section...
  3. Khaymen

    Choosing a Major

    I'm looking for advice on choosing my major. As many of you know I am studying for ministry and have tentatively chosen a major, though I am not sure I will end up staying with it or choosing a great deal of extra work for a different path. I chose Pastoral Care and Counseling The Pastoral...
  4. chevre

    Sorry kids, Linux is illegal.

    PC Pro: News: Teacher threatens to call the cops over Linux Blog of helios: Linux - Stop holding our kids back I just read this and at first I couldn't help but bust out laughing. Though, this is really pretty sad. It frightens me that these people are given any authority over technology.