1. Goodnites11

    Selling Most of My Goodnites Collection

    Just a heads up, I've decided to sell most of my vintage Goodnites collection. Tons for sale, check out my eBay listings! Goodnites For Sale!
  2. Sitherus

    found real adult pampers

    I was browsing ebay and found real pampers branded adult diapers. 2 questions can anyone tell what diaper the tape has been applied to? and how long until he is sued? I want to buy but i'm broke right now. Here is the link http://www.ebay.com/usr/mimjoseph?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Hoping you guys...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    My first pacifier

    I've just received a nuk6 pacifier from BabyPants.com on Ebay. It has a red shield with a grey and clear nipple. I am sucking on it right now and I felt so comfortable and happy with that thing that I'd like to suck on it all day and night. :paci::paci: I like to thank BabyPants for my very...
  4. T

    Lolita - a beginner's budget?

    Hi all, I'm sort of tentatively toying with the idea of maybe trying out Lolita fashion. I don't usually think of myself as Sissy/LG, but if I decide soon to just do it, I wanted your advice on what I should start with and how much I should be spending. I'm looking for just one decent outfit...
  5. MatalicPebble

    Good deal?

    I just bought this and want to make sure I got my money worth in this purchase. I got to thinking about the padding between the legs and how I said I don't like a lot that spreads my legs. To put it simple I decided to just get used to it. I love the print on this and going to pay off the credit...
  6. DLMunky

    Vintage diapers on eBay

    Anyone ever search eBay for vintage adult diapers? I ask because I look up vintage adult (and baby) diapers all the time. Baby diapers mainly for nostalgic reasons, yep those were awesome times for diapers (before cloth-like). I'm not trying to promote or anything, so I won't tell you what...
  7. Argent

    Diaper ID please, all over print

    Hi peeps, Can someone please ID this diaper for me, I bought it on ebay (in Australia) where it was just called an AB print diaper (I think) but wondering if it has an actual name (not a names like Bob or Jill.) http://www.adisc.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=21566&thumb=1&d=1407228376
  8. FievelandTonyAB93

    Back in diapers!

    After a year on hiatus, I finally put myself back into diapers. I recently bought a re-usable slim-style large-sized absorbent cloth diaper with Thomas the Tank Engine (so cute!!!!) in it from an eBay user named AngelsBest223. I'm wearing the diaper right now and I'm feeling really happy and...
  9. leffykit

    Kendal Lille bulk on ebay

    I really wish I had the cash and my own place to stash 'em, but seeing as I don't and won't in the near future I figured I'd give anyone interested a heads up on something I found on ebay. Unfortunately its UK only but still.. Job lot of 731 Lille Incontinence Adult Pads , nappies on eBay (end...
  10. Pramrider

    Love This Ebay Highchair Listing

    Interesting selling tactic! Instead of a toddler posed in it the seller has a teen/young adult sitting in this vintage Strolee highchair. Looks like she's patiently waiting for her meal. ;) Maybe they're attempting to appeal to the *B ebay audience showing that a young adult can easily fit in...
  11. Pramrider

    Speaking of Baby Strollers...

    This ebay listing brought a smile to my face: Excellent condition red vintage baby stroller with box - eBay (item 260324752949 end time Dec-10-08 13:16:43 PST) The first ever I had opportunity to get into, as an adult, was this exact make/model Peterson stroller from the early '70s. It belonged...
  12. baby_mike


    Well abut a week ago I sold Call of duty 4 to someone on ebay. This Monday I get a message from him saying that I sent him a case with no game. He wantted me t refund his money, but after I refused he said keep the money. This morning when I turned on my computer a Trojan launch. It was to late...