1. Pokogirl

    Do you have problems eating when diapered?

    Eating and peeing both at the same time seems like an wonderful thing to do. But whenever I'm diapered I seem to lose apetite. Although I have no problem with the smell of urine. Today I had breakfast with my diapers on. I also peed during eating. Yes, it was fun. But after finishing my...
  2. Jossilyn

    Pica or Obsessive Compulsive

    Hey I've been thinking about this a lot recently. I've been replying to a lot of threads and I realize I think there's something wrong with me. I will chew on things for no reason. Just if its small enough to bite, (or even not I bite the edge of binders and the bottom of my laptop too if its...
  3. C

    What did you have for dinner?

    In the irc I have noticed that people quite often leave the chat for a while to go and make or eat dinner, and I find it really interesting to hear what everyone's having for dinner. It's interesting to hear what people from so many different countries and of so many ages/situations etc cook for...