easy ups

  1. Prairie

    If Pampers Easy Ups elastic siding could be used for UnderJams

    I noticed that Pampers Easy Ups has some superior elastic siding/waist. The construction seems to be elastic fibers which take the tension, and an excess of the nonwoven material that bunches up into the folds you see. I wonder whether they will eventually move this over to UnderJams, with their...
  2. C

    Trying out different diapers.

    So recently I have been wondering how well different disposable diapers fit me. Instead of asking people here for their opinions, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. The diapers that I have tried are store bought. The diapers include, Pampers Cruisers size 6 (couldn't find size 7 in...
  3. C

    Easy ups

    So the other day I bought some easy ups just to try them out because I wanted to see what the difference was between Huggies pull ups and pampers easy ups. I noticed that easy ups fit me a lot better than pull ups and it has the pampers baby scent which I love. It holds a significant amount of...