1. KittyninjaW

    Finally Got Neko Ears!!!! :D

    So it's me, I have been waiting for a bit to publish this, so anyways I bought Cat ears from Amazon, and they finally shipped earlier today, and I can't wait until they get here!!!! Anyway, here is an image. anyway I also ordered a Thomas the tank engine Megazord from eBay. And I really can't...
  2. T

    Fursuit Animal Tails & Ears For (Possible) Sale

    Hello all! I am wondering wether anyone in the Uk is interested in purchasing exotic big cat tails and ears to wear, I am thinking about making and selling tails and ears from exotic big cats such as tigers, leapords, cheetahs and lion (possibley some more species) for clothing and headbands but...
  3. jter42

    Fur Suits, Ear's, and Tails.

    Hey I just wanted to ask who is a good person to commission a Fursuit from? I'm trying to buy one, and just don't know where to go about looking to commission one. Also what would the price be for a quality suit? I also have a question for the people with the fake tail and ear's. Where is a...
  4. T

    Where can i get Cat tail and ears?!

    Hello all! I am a realy big furry lover and have always wanted to wear cat ears and tails like the ones that people wear for kitten-play but i live in the uk and there isnt much stuff like that around, infact, i havnt even found any what-so-ever! I would realy like some top quality ones from...