1. Angellothefox

    Here are some customised pacifiers I customised

    This is my adult pacifier at I painted a moon and a cat on This one I costomised with a pink pawprint for those sissy/crossdressing abdl times or cub times. This one I drew a babyfur sucking on a blue pacifier This one is another small design at I put ABDL on to customise it. and the colours...
  2. A

    Using pacifiers/dummies long-term

    I'm English so I'm going to reserve the right to call it a dummy! I use a dummy a lot- basically if I'm alone and not eating or drinking, it's in my mouth. I also sleep with it and it stays in my mouth all night. Shout out to all the other babies who use dummies- which I'm guessing is all of...
  3. littlediddysteve

    NUK 4 and 5 dummies (pacifiers)

    Basically I want to get one or the other in size. At the moment I use baby dummies 6 months plus. I'm worried that a NUK 5 would be too big? What do you think?