1. simmonsandwich

    Vintage Drynites 2005 girls

    I've just got a bunch of Vintage Drynites and since I'm low on money I thought I'd show them around and see if anyone would like to buy them. I have 8 packs currently and if people are interested in them I can get more. I have some other vintage drynites too that I can sell also tell me if your...
  2. A

    Will drynites 8-15 fit me?

    I'm new here, and this is my first post soo... here goes nothing :sweatdrop: My waist is 44" and i'm quite sure that drynites can fit me? if not, are there some other common diapers/pullups that will? // Asger
  3. Cambridgeone

    In love with Underjams <3

    I have been a longtime user of Drynites and come across an opportunity to get a a whole box of 49 Underjams for free so thought I would give them a go! After hearing all the horror stories of ripping sides I was dubious, wore them for the first time last night and I am so happy with them! Yes...
  4. A

    does anyone know what the new 2017 Drynites look like

    I haven't been able to see the new diapers since i still have an outdated stash
  5. S

    New Drynites design (a bit disappointing)

    Hello! I recently bought Drynites for girls, size L/XL. These are the ones that can be found in France or the rest of Europe. I was hoping for the owl design of Goodnites, but what we got instead are plain striped pants, which is a bit disappointing to me (but I understand they are targeted to...
  6. R

    Opinion on New Drynites?

    Hey guys and gals, what's your opinion on the new (not really new right now as they came out in late August I think) Drynites which came out in the UK? I'm wearing them atm and they're not too bad IMO. They can hold about 2 decent floodings and after that, they can start to leak. I did try the...
  7. Prairie

    DryNites Girls L/XL seller on eBay with free USA shipping

    I just want to plug this eBay seller whom I've bought three times from now. They have DryNites L/XL Girls for $11 or so for a 9-pack, free shipping to USA. This is like a third of what other sellers charge when you include international shipping, which is why I keep wanting to share this. BTW...
  8. Drynites96

    Need advice for an upcoming Camping Trip

    Well my family and I are going to go camping in three weeks in Spain with a couple of friends for a week. We'll sleep in a rented caravan, which means that I'll have to sleep in a twin bed with my older sister (she's 22). She doesn't know about my occasional Bedwetting and I'm a bit paranoid...
  9. A

    I want the Lion Guard Pull Ups but I live in the UK.

    I saw the Lion Guard Pull ups and I really want them because they look soooooo cute! Problem is, they don't the design in the UK meaning I can't have them. :( Is there a way which I could order them? I've looked on eBay but there really isn't anything on there. It would be good if there was a...
  10. Drynites96

    Drynites Capacity: Girls vs. Boys

    Well I've tried both the 8-15 Girl and Boy Drynites and it seemed like the Girls had a lot more capacity than the Boys version. The Boys often leak for me. Does anyone had a similar experience ?
  11. Drynites96

    I'm confused...

    Well I'm wearing Drynites to bed since about 6 months now. My mother saw them a couple of times and asked me once if I have trouble with Bedwetting. I said that it happens sometimes. She said that I don't need them but I still wear them every night. So this morning I got up and went to the...
  12. ShortGuy

    Got my G.OONs "baby" diapers, pic and some comparison pics

    Hey all. Just got my GOO.N diapers, ordered from Germany. Just thought to show it with some comparison with a few other known and unknown diapers. From left to right Goo.n Super Big XXL, DryNites L-XL boys, Girls underjams L-XL, Kiwisto size 7, Pampers Baby dry 6 Only managed to upload one...
  13. 0

    My intro

    Hey, I'm 20 (as of Feb '16). I'm gay, happily living with my partner and work in the emergency services. I'm outgoing and bubbly and love socialising. I'm here as I love wearing my trackies and drynites infront of the tv and on long drives. They make me comfy and I love the feeling of just...
  14. T

    I actually bought diapers for the first time!

    So this quite a big achievement for me! After almost 2 years (I KNOW 2 YEARS!) I actually gained the confidence to walk into a pharmacy and buy DryNites, nappies which I have been wanting to get for a while! It seemed like such an overwhelming task but turns out its not that bad! I waited until...
  15. T

    Opinions on Huggies Drynites?

    I'm thinking of buying some today but what are your opinions on them and does anyine know the waist size?
  16. C

    ConvertUps on YouTube

    Hi Guys, Just to let you know that ConvertUps have a new video up on YouTube showing the product and how it's attached to regular baby diapers. It's worth a watch if you are interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmwPk5Qgc70 We've had lots of questions from people about exactly how they...
  17. S

    Hi all

    Hi guys, I'm Sam, from Hampshire in England. I've been into wearing nappies for a few years although it is just occasionally. My favourites are drynites at the moment. I'm looking for interesting chat about nappies and would like to chat to anyone with similar interests that's also in the UK.
  18. HuntM555

    Libero or Drynites?

    Hi, this is my first post and I'm thinking of buying some diapers for the first time. I've nailed it down to Libero SleepTight 10 or DryNites Boys 8-15. At the moment I just want to see what it's like and then I might buy some others. So what do you think I should get? Libero or DryNites...
  19. T

    Please help create a "brief" history of GoodNites/DryNites/UnderJams

    A couple weeks ago, I splurged on a partial pack of girls GoodNites from IIRC 2007. I don't know why I was so interested in getting a hold of those "vintage" GoodNites, but it got me wondering if there was a place to see all the designs of "big kids" bedwetting underpants through the years...
  20. M

    Really having to wear Goodnites/Drynites

    I have been fascinated by goodnites/drynites since I was in elementary school. I used to wet the bed regularly until I was about 11 and just the idea that there were "big kid diapers" out there was exhilarating. Unfortunately, my parents never bought me any, and even if they did I was so...