1. N

    Great price on a case of Dry24/7

    Hey everyone - I just noticed that Amazon dropped the price on cases of Medium Dry24/7's to $100. That's the best price I've ever seen, and $15+ less than other sellers. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to be a Prime member to purchase. If you use Subscribe and Save, you can save an...
  2. boby


    agecomfort.com will have the Dry24/7 in stock in April 2014. This site is London On. Canada. Looking forward to it.
  3. Knom

    What's the deal with Dry24/7?

    I am really getting P-O'd at this site. I have asked about shipping to Canada, they say they have a supplier (b4ns.com) for Canada. How ever when visiting b4ns.com they never show anything in stock. Now lately they have re-done their site (dry247.com) and I noticed that I can get a case with...
  4. bambinod

    diaper stretching and retaping

    Talking about plastic backed diapers... I wear bambino, 247, and abena xplus and have noticed that with all three of them, the outer shell material stretches quite a bit right after I put them on. I mean, I tape the lowers so the diaper is nice and snug around my legs so I don't leak, and the...