1. SapphireGlitter

    Diapers and trucking OTR

    Hi everyone, I figured this would be a good place to ask and was wanting to know if wearing diapers while trucking would work out since I'm getting my A Class CDL in a few weeks and I'd like to wear 24/7 while doing it Are there any issues with wearing or using diapers while trucking? What...
  2. factsoflife

    Wetting yourself out of complete panic/fear?

    Sorry, I wasn't quite sure where to post this one. I suppose I will run with it here haha. So, I've had my fair share of "potty problems." Mainly only at night and a few daytime when I purposely held it too long (yeah I'm into that too hah). To lay some background, I am an ab/dl, mainly dl and...
  3. B

    Best Place To Consciously Wet?

    I just went for a drive and i was desperate for a wee so i just went in my nappy =D. It felt great, especially driving all warm and padded. This made me wonder what your favourite place to knowingly wet yourself is? And why? Driving? Walking? Running, Sitting? In Bed? And I don't mean like...
  4. PetPuppyAlex

    Things That Piss You Off While Driving?

    Alright, so as a driver that just attained my license, I'm PROBABLY not one to talk since I'm an 'inexperienced driver' or whatnot, but NEVERTHELESS, I've already come up with a bunch of things that really chap my ass about driving. 1. There's ALWAYS, ALWAYS that dude doing 10 under who's GOT...
  5. Kid

    Driving while Sucking

    Last night I drove about 50 miles (highway and roads) with a pacifier in my mouth. So relaxing that I forgot to turn off my bright lights a couple times for oncoming drivers. Do you have a pacifier in your car? If yes, how often do you use it while driving?
  6. EmoCowMoo

    So I bought some Attends Waistband diapers...

    Yea, I bought some Attends Waistband diapers through Overstock and thought I'd have them shipped to my college address instead of my house so my parents/sis wouldn't have any chance of finding them (I dont wear at college since I live in a dorm with a roommate who never leaves the room). Anyway...