1. codered

    TDU2 Release date update!

    I just found out the release date for test drive unlimited 2 was moved back to the first quarter of 2011. So sadly I'll have to wait longer to play the game :( ,but it should be a better more polished game. (hopefully)
  2. codered

    Test Drive Unlimited 2!!!

    It's coming out later this year and it looks sweet! you can check it out on their website! Home | Test Drive Unlimited 2 Official Website :D anybody else as happy about this as i am?!
  3. Altric

    Paci while driving

    Alright, let me start off by saying that I have a habit of chewing on straws. My friends are always asking why I do it, but it is just something I do while driving a lot. Anyway today I was out with a group of friends because we were going to see Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe (which...
  4. S

    Learners Permit Test

    Im going to be taking my learners permit test tomorow, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to ace it? I already took it once and I got 14 out of 20 right and 6 wrong? So this will be my second time taking it! Also how many can I get wrong out of how many right? Any help...