1. Angellothefox

    3/3/18 I am drunk from the get to gether

    I am drunk from the charity shop get together that I had 3 alcoholic bevrages and another 2 when I got home :smile:
  2. B

    non dl friends

    I'm going to a beer festival called tap ny. So I want to wear a diaper for less bathroom breaks but worried about my friends I'm going with finding out and judging. Wanted to share/ ask for advice
  3. EmoCowMoo

    Don't mix drinking and diapers...

    So yea, I think that this is the 1st time I ever mixed diapers and drinking... not the best idea. I haven't been home since I left for college, and since it's getting close to winter, I decided to go home for the weekend and get my winter clothes...and plus, I could wear diapies since I have a...
  4. DaddysLittleDefect

    Why does Honda have to mess up their headlights?

    I have a '94 Accord LX which I just love. It usually treats me right and it has the largest straight 4 in any accord. However to change the headlights I had to take out the overflow radiator tank, the battery, the air filter and I had to remove a lot of wiring harnesses. All after a night of...