1. KrankyPants

    Do you prefer sippies or babas?

    Hello, fellow rompers! I like sippy cups, but I hear more about bottles from my friends. 🤔 I'm curious of your preferred container. Do you like the way it feels from a baba or sippy? 😛
  2. St00FeD

    Drinks,Beer and diapers

    Who else drinks beer just to pee in diapers? I'd use to do it almost the time until I started to get fat lol now only weekends or every once in a blue moon But now I like to get 2 diapers, cut the ineer one and drink beer and play some computer games for hours not having to get up to go pee...
  3. BabyKai

    A brilliant invention for sippy cups (and for people who need to hide their ABDL side)

    I've been using these sippy cup lids for a while now and I've just realised that they could really be useful for those who have to hide their ABDL side. These silicon sippy cup lids fit onto any cup and work with hot drinks, fizzy drinks, milk and soft drinks. They're super easy to clean and...
  4. Ringo5

    What do you like to drink in your bottles?

    Post what you like to drink from your ba-bas here! :D
  5. RoamingHermit

    A Recipe To Help You Sleep

    Some nights I have trouble sleeping. When this does happen I have a recipe that I find almost always works! NukJams Warm Vanilla Nights In a bottle/sippy cup/glass of choice, put 1 cup of milk. After put in two caps of vanilla extract. Next you put in 2 teaspoons of sugar/sweetener (optional)...
  6. Talula

    What's your hangover cure?

    So there are a few threads on this already, but all from early last year so it's time for a new one! What's your hangover cure? I always try to drink a lot of water when I get home, and eat something that shouldn't make me sick, like pizza or toast. Apparently the best thing for a hangover is...
  7. weswissa

    The Drink you like...

    I'm doing these threads because I want to know more about people and there habits... so eventually I can kill them all... with hugs... :hugattack: or knives... What is the drink you prefer the most? This means out of all drinks sodas, milk, oj, aj, gj, energy drinks, coffee, etc. Mine is...
  8. P

    What do you like to drink when you wear diapers?

    I just drink what I normall drink (soda/water...Not together :bleh: )