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    A unique Situation--I now own hundrds of Diapers and misc

    So about a month ago, I purchased a storage unit at an auction, Cleaned it out and got everything home, and I now own literally hundreds of Adult diaper, mostly homemade...Diaper covers...and Dresses, bonnets, burp cloths..etc Almost everything would fit about an XL, with the diapers varying...
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    Looking at new clothing

    I wouldn't say I'm a sissy/LG by any means. However, lately I've been looking at baby girl-ish clothing and finding myself to be more or less won over by just how cute some of it is. I'm not really into silky things, or very brightly colored items. Something like this: Is pretty much what I...
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    Becoming a sissy... Advice and ideas?

    So there's no more denying it anymore. I enjoy cross-dressing. I became aware of my sissy side about two years ago when on Halloween my girlfriend <3 (yes I needed that heart there) suggested I wear one of her dresses as a costume because I didn't go out and get one myself. It was almost like a...