1. August08

    Diaper dreams

    Share some recent diaper dreams you’ve had! Last night I dreamt I wet a diaper going down a big tall rollercoaster and another where I accidentally posted a diaper video on a normal social media >\\\< I remember the design of the diaper too, it was probably a lfb baby cutie
  2. blaincorrous

    Diaper Dreams

    I’ve been logging my dreams on my profile status, but the length limit and post timer are getting in the way. So, I guess I can start logging here. All my dreams I put here have to have some diaper element, whether me in diapers or someone else. I’m in a boardgaming store, scouting out...
  3. littleBabyJojo


    Last night I had a nightmare. :sad: In it, my family was searching for me and I was scared of them. I had only a diaper on but it didn't feel like a problem because even though they pretend not to know I wear diapers I'm pretty sure most of them do know. I woke up really scared and now I was...
  4. SissySimone

    Happy dreams

    usually i have a lot of nightmares and don't sleep that well but on the occasions (around 10) that i've slept in diapers in the last month i've noticed not only do i get a good nights sleep but i don't seem to get nightmares, most of the dreams are really nice, usually involving lego! there must...
  5. Crinklebuttt

    Different sort of diaper dream

    Normally my diaper dreams are purely sexual, or theyare the classic naked in public/school. Last night was filled with those kinds of dreams but the last of these dreams was me sitting at the foot of a bed on the floor in just my diaper and I was talking to a beautiful girl who was just sitting...
  6. T

    Dreaming Reality

    Over the past couple days, I have had the ability to indulge my inner-baby with the rest of the family being gone on a vacation. I opted for a stay-cation as they went to what is basically just a alcoholic music festival and I don't drink any form of alcohol. Last night, I had a dream. All I...
  7. Zillabrony13

    Your dream nursery

    If you could design your nursery any way you wished, what would it be like?
  8. R


    So the other night I had a dream that I was at my grandparent's house, and that I found a diaper. In my dream I then went in to a bathroom to put it on, but the door didn't lock and my mom walked in on me. Now, I am the type of person who's dreams do have parts that come true, so can any of you...
  9. Argent

    Kolibri Comslip

    Not often I rave about a diaper/nappy but OMG Kolibri Comslip are the most absorbent and reliable diaper I have ever tried. Pure white crinkly plastic, elastic on the back, leakage guards, thick and they SWELL UP and retain like you would actually want a diaper to. For me they were extremely...
  10. T

    If you could buy any diaper right now that you have never worn before, which diaper would you buy?

    I've wanted to try out some cloth diapers (preferably all-in-one's).| I think I would wear the ABU AIO, and I probably would have it by now if the company didn't have such a bad rep.
  11. Pramrider

    Had A Rare AB Dream Last Night

    Haven't had an AB-related dream in quite awhile. Must have been all the stroller talk on here that put me in a frame of mind to have one. Of course, as with most dreams, some parts just don't make any logical sense. OK, in it I was at a nice restaurant with my wife and we were waiting in a...
  12. CSFox

    Finished The Girl in My Closet (Chp. 1 - 16; Complete)

    ((Author's note: I started this one a few years ago, and I've finally taken the time to go back, re-tool it a little bit and give it a proper ending. Probably the very ending a few people expect, but oh well, hope you enjoy.)) The Girl in My Closet By CS Fox CHAPTER 1...
  13. LushieCat

    Strange DL Dream

    So I had a dream, but...I don't want to talk about it. What if Martin Luther King Jr. had said that? So I get this package in the mail, and open it and to my surprise it's a package of the nicest looking diapers I've ever seen. Very crinkly, thick, and plastic backed. They also have an...
  14. O

    Ever had any dreams that involve your fursona?

    Whether that be you were them in the dream or they were just in your dream or whatever. Have you had any dream that involves your Fursona in any way shape or form? For me I recently had a dream that my fursona and I were both walking down a long deserted highway together, like in the middle of...
  15. Rawrzipan

    How do I Control and Remember My Dreams?

    I can hardly ever remember my dreams, the ones I do are almost always premonitions. I was wondering if there was a way I could get my self to dream and then eventually control those dreams?