1. DiaperedElmo

    How do you like to color?

    Crayons are my favorite!
  2. jasonbutsmall

    Rose and the Baby Squad

    This idea took a little while to come to fruition but here's the leader of the Adult Baby Magical Girl team I was dreaming up. 😅 I'm calling her Rose and obviously she's got a heart motif going on. I tried to make it look more retro with a VHS filter but I think it just kinda made things look...
  3. medicalmagic

    Diaper Art

    I doodle sometimes and I hope it’s okay to make this thread a place where I can post some of my art that is relevant to the forum in some way. If anything is too NSFW, please let me know and I’ll delete it right away (if I can? I don’t actually know how to delete when someone has already...
  4. FoxyFreia

    AB/DL drawing attempt #1

    I made a quick drawing of a cute little girl getting caught in her diaper with her blankie plushie. This is the first time I made a full body AB/DL drawing. Drawing: Thoughts/suggestions?
  5. OpheliaScarlett

    Drawing Coloration

    Hello , I just wanted to present you my last coloration =) I don't have any tablette and have to use my mouse, so drawing is pretty difficult , but coloring a clean line drawing is pretty easy when you know how to do it =). My coloration : =) The original Line : =)
  6. Sitherus

    bringing back the oldies (ellienoodlesoup)

    missing the best abdl artist i have ever come to know, sorry to anyone else that draws including me. I know i will never be as good as her. I wish to eventually find out what happened to her. I hope it wasn't death then removal of the arts by misunderstanding people. Anyways, shortly after...
  7. nites

    Contest! Win a FREE Crinkle Crate!

    One of the most highly desired items from our survey results (other then diapers!) is stickers! So we've decided to run a contest for designs and the winners will receive a free Crinkle Crate! Have you ever wanted to design the front of a diaper? Want to wear a pirate themed diaper? Or maybe...
  8. D

    Hi! New and stuff

    My lovely friend Lukethefur has just advised me to join up! I hope to meet some cool people here. Possibly you! You're probably cool. Maybe. Probably. A few things about me... 18 year old guy from the UK (south-west). Been distantly curious of the abdl community for about 3 years. Only...
  9. J

    Drawing Request! Any artists here?

    Hello! I didn't see another place for an art request thread, so I figured it belonged here. I love art, BUT I can't draw. Especially people. They look like macaroni and cheese noodles. However, I have so many cute ideas for drawings that I'd really like to see! I'm wondering if there's any...
  10. Sitherus

    OMG Ellienoodlesoups account is gone!

    so i was searching Deviantart for Ellienoodlesoup so that i could ask her if she would give me some pointers on drawing diapers. (We've had talk before where she helped me out) But when i searched for her account it couldn't find anything. So i did what i normally do when i cant find someones...
  11. Sitherus

    Drawing request for profile picture

    I was thinking recently that My profile picture is kind of bland. Now I don't consider my self an expert but i like to draw. Im gonna draw my profile picture but why stop there. If anyone else wants to have their picture drawn by me just let me know ill see what i can do. I will do it for free...
  12. SicartheaSpikefan

    Fun Drawing game

    So I was on mlpchan and there was a thread were you had to draw one of the characters in Microsoft paint with your eyes closed (you could open them if you wanted to chose colors) when I saw mine I thought It looked like something a little kid would draw and I came up with a little game. Go Into...
  13. SillySwampert

    Your favourite Pokemon in diapers

    I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I have decided to put my drawing skills to some use. Recently, I've gotten back into a Pokemon mood and have even drawn not only my favourite Pokemon Swampert in diapers but also a Snivy in diapers for another member on the site. Seeing how...
  14. SnoozyCat

    Digital artists! How did you learn?

    I've had a new tablet for about month now and I've been procrastinating learning to draw on it because I want to learn the "right" way. How did you guys learn to make art? I know that it takes practice and the best approach to getting better is to just draw but I'm still deciding what my art...
  15. Nieve

    Taking requests for animations in illustrator style :3

    Ok guys, it's time to take my requests to the next level. As I said in my last post, my objective was to practice my Illustrator skills but that was for the sole purpose of animating. Now, I offer you something different; sure, you get your fursona done in Illustrator style, but also I'll make...
  16. Nieve

    Taking drawing requests in illustrator style x3

    Hullo everyone, I'm practicing drawing with illustrator, so I can animate them later and stuff =P, and I'd like to take requests of your fursonas ^^ so if anyone is willing to help with inspiration for my drawings and get your fursona made in this particular style =) please post your fursona...
  17. tech50


    How many of you are artistically gifted or know someone who is artistically gifted? I thought about because I was attempting to draw something in school today, but epically failed at it. But then some of my friends tried drawing the same thing and they did really great at it. But yeah so I...
  18. babykalie

    Do think my art work, Ok?

    I was thinking about drawing AB-Dl pictures but, I dont want to waist my time if people think I cant draw so, can you give me critique. I would really appriecate it. when zombies attaack by ~hottie55555 on deviantART Headless zombie by ~hottie55555 on deviantART untittled by ~hottie55555...