1. DragonFire04534

    Finished The American Dragon Story: The Beginning (Part 2) by DragonFire04534

    Chapter 4 So I carried Spike to the other window to the left of the window that ate Petey. I flew into the window and went outside where the rain was pouring down, so heavy that it was hard to keep a grip on Spike, but I couldn't let him slip away so I kept my grasp tightly on him. When we...
  2. NatetheDragon

    Exchanged: A Dragon TF - Chapter 1

    “Nathaniel, the bell rang.” I pulled out one of my headphones and looked up from my poor excuse for a drawing of a dragon. The classroom was already filling with students from the next class period, “Oh, thanks Mrs. Fluegel.” I scooped my belongings up and deposited them into my backpack...
  3. NatetheDragon


    Hi, I'm NatetheDragon. I'm an animator and hope to work on movies whether in animation or special effects. I found ADISC because I have an interest in wearing diapers, onesies, and footie pajamas. I don't particularly feel the need to be treated like a baby however. I'm really into playing...
  4. emberautumnfire

    wittl Dwaggin in ks

    Hi hi all I guess I should describe me here I'm a furry always and forever a dragon I'm orange with yellow belly and red down my back I'm furry not scaily I'm a littlefur I love wearing and I do wet, I'd love to find a daddy or mommy to change me and take care of me... Never have been changed...
  5. Rawrzipan

    Good Dragon-Related Screen Name

    So since I've gone dragon and probably ain't gonna go back to wolf, I need a new screen name, any suggestions? Please don't say Ash, it's WAAAAAAAYYY to common a dragon name.
  6. Rawrzipan

    How can I become a dragon?

    I don't know why, but recently, all of a sudden I've been obsessed with finding a way to become a real dragon. I'm willing to try almost anything right now. If anyone has a link or any suggestion at all, it would be appreciated.