1. A

    ADISC Donations. Amount too low.

    Okay, I saw the donation banner across the top of the page, and decided, why not? So I go ahead and click the link. I get a page that has a drop down box, which the default number in it is $5. I keep it at the default and hit continue. The only thing is, it says the donation minimum is $10. If...
  2. SuperTed

    Diapers + Environment = Bad!!

    Hey fellow ADISC members! Just thought I'd raise a topic that seems to have had very little discussion. I really don't want to seem like a enviro-do gooder or anything, but have you ever considered the amount of extra landfill we create by wearing diapers as a hobby. Every time I chuck out a...
  3. Serendiapity

    The ADISC Mailbox?

    Here is my suggestion on how donating could be easier for the younger members here, like myself, who don't have the means of PayPal or any other online payment method: old fashioned mail. Possibly, if Moo or another admin opened a P.O. box specifically for donations, more people would send in...