1. M

    AB/DL Full Time Dom, Interested in Being the Baby

    About 2.5 years ago, I met a girl who's truly the love of my life. She's adorable, sweet, and we're very complimentary in terms of interests and personalities. I am an AB/DL switch, but she's very submissive. Within a few months, her and I were in a full-time dom/sub relationship. She refers to...
  2. dogboy

    Finished The Un-training of Stanley kaminski

    For the past several years, I have written my annual Halloween story, this past year having been the exception as I was finishing my novel. I want to thank Moo for keeping the story forum in tact. Deleting the vast amount of past stories was my suggestion, so I have no complaints. As promised...
  3. LilStains

    teach this baby boy a few lessons

    im 33&have been a nappy wearing baby since 13. ive always done it alone. this is my coming out day after all these years of me sorta thinking i was just a weird boy. why does being a baby do more to me than any other things i do. [Removed]
  4. StrictDaddy2u


    Hi all! I'm new to the site so keen to find out what it's all about and make new friends. I'm 29 and a Daddy Dom from Sydney, Australia (originally from the UK however). Look forward to chatting!