1. L

    What's your favorite type of doll?:)

    I love Madam Alexander play dolls, the 18 inch ones. I think they're sooo cute!:) I want a Kidz n Katz doll and if you like dolls but haven't seen them, go look them up! They're adorable!:) Now, they are veryyy expensive, like $159 but they're just so pretty I could look at them for hours. Does...
  2. LittleKayli


    i am kayli depending on my personality i am furry or human and always like that of a child. i ams pet and daughter to my girlfriend/mummies who takes care of me. i ams a big girl so i dont wears diapers unless i ams in troubles. i loves lolita dresses and pigtails and to play with dollies. i...
  3. gigglemuffinz


    Hey everyone, this thing hasn't found any similiar threads so I'm guessing no one has ever asked this before, but does anyone else but me here go lala for Lalaloospy? These wonderful dolls are just.. some of the cutests dolls I've ever seen with some of the most adorable fashions. I just am...