1. R


    Hey guys! So ive been wearing 24/7 lately and I have a doctors appointment coming up shortly. For those of you who arent IC did you guys wear, how was it, and did they say anything? Thanks in advance!
  2. Slomo

    Are you incontinent questions

    So I've been seeing a whole lot of people stating they are having (whatever) problems. And they want to know if they are becoming incontinent or should see a doctor. Let me just answer that for everyone and anyone else thinking the same question. YES you need to go see a doctor. More...
  3. F

    What to expect before surgery

    To begin, I want to apologize if this question has already been asked. If it has, a link to that post would be helpful, and I can remove this one. I don't want a duplicate post here. Next week I will be getting surgery for a work-related injury, very minor, not very invasive. Now, I have light...
  4. jellyjigger

    Best method to ensure diaper "compliance" in medical settings

    All my life, I've politely asked (even pleaded) for diapers, but the response is almost always the same. There are many posts where people try to figure out ways to convince medical staff to allow people like us to wear diapers so we can have our home comforts in a medical setting and many find...
  5. M

    Shaving and a physical

    So, I have a complete physical coming up. I have been shaving completely below the waist and don't plan to let it grow back out before the appointment. Anybody ever have a doctor comment about shaved legs and groin on a male? I'd like to wear a diaper but since I don't really medically need...
  6. B

    How do they take your temperature?

    This topic came to me as I was looking at the age regression in the sick role thread. These days, most kids' temperatures are taken with ear thermometers. However, children back in the day didn't have that option, and some people stick to an adult route even in their Little headspace. So...
  7. xtrabulk

    I'm Required to Mess! Doctor's Orders.

    So I have to have my poo analyzed in the next couple days, and the nurse gives me this collection strip to put over the stool to poo on. She says they often tip, dumping the poo into the stool. So, she says to reach back, holding the paper, and basically crap into my hand! I'm not really into...
  8. TheHayleeRaven


    This may be long. Don't know why I feel the need to post this, but... I was never really on the 'bandwagon' for wanting to be incontinent, and except for the first few weeks after finding ADISC, I've not been 'participating' with wetting, and I've never purposely been out diapered in public, in...
  9. B

    Finished My trip to the hospital

    This is a story from real life, about my experiences when I was admitted to the hospital, on suspicion of an infection, after I had had leg surgery. Around this time last year (January 6th to be exact), I had a bone growth operated out of my left leg. After the surgery my parents let me stay...
  10. xtrabulk

    An Embarrasing Visit to Dr

    So about a year ago, I was having prostate infections. I had gotten a few DREs, so when I went back for a follow up, I knew I'd be getting another. So, I get called back, and my doctor...and good friend...came in and closed the door. I went over to shake his hand. After that, he made chitchat...
  11. LilRetroBoy

    I'm worried about going to doctor

    when i clean my bum after being on toilet i get it clean but then when i next visit the toilet there is skid marks in my underpants but in time between toilet visits i feel no need to go i think i should go to my doctor but i got no idea what to say to receptionist i don't want to have to...
  12. turtleie

    What to excpect?

    Okay, so I've been a bedwetter as long as I can remeber. I stopped around 13 but it cam back about a year ago, and I'm 16 now. I am going to the doctor soon for it, and I was just wondering what I should expect. Its a regular doctor, not a urologist or anything like that. Anybody else have any...
  13. D

    Faking bedwetting

    Hey I know there are other threads on this but I would just like to have some feedback on what I might be thinking of doing. Ok, so I get sick a lot do to a heart disease that I had in elementary school. I was thinking that next time I have a high fever I could fake wetting the bed(maybe...
  14. T

    Going to the doctor and I'm nervous. Looking for stories of people who have gone.

    Over the last three years my need to pee has gotten worse and worse. I can barely sit through some college class anymore without having to excuse myself. It's embarrassing and I feel like everyone notices. To make matters worse, when I get stressed I wet the bed. When I found out I'd have to...