doctor who

  1. P

    Any Interest In a "Geek Chic AB/Littles Boutique"?

    Alright kids, SURVEY TIME!!! But first, a little backstory: Mommy's a fairly accomplished seamstress with her own costume/cosplay store online that's done some pretty decent business. Now, she's made me the odd bit of AB clothing over the past few years, and has gotten quite good at it, to the...
  2. downtide

    Doctor Who new season

    Who watched it? Without giving away any spoilers I'll just say that I liked it, although I did wonder if it was maybe written originally for Torchwood. Clara's role would have suited Gwen much better.
  3. T

    Doctor Who Fans Unite

    So yes if you like Doctor Who come on in~ My favourite Doctor has to be David Ten so far along with William, the first Doctor, falling behind him. I would say my favourite 'companions' so far have to be Donna Nobel, River Song, Susan Foreman and Sarah Jane along with Jack Harkness. So who do...
  4. AgentRoswald


    So is anyone here going to TimeGate - the Doctor Who/Stargate/Sci-Fi convention in Atlanta this weekend? I love both and had no idea there was a convention specifically for them!