doctor visit

  1. L

    Finally Saw a Doctor.

    Reference post for understanding here. This morning I had a total melt-down. I woke to fresh warmth in my diaper. Ok, I thought, no problem, and turned to wake my husband, as I do every morning. Already nervous about the doctor's appointment today, I fumbled with everything as I tried to...
  2. H

    A Terrible Visit To The Doctor

    A while ago I mentioned that I was having some incontinence issues and that I would be asking my doctor about them. It took her a while but eventually she got around to referring me to a urologist. I had my first visit with him yesterday. It was dreadful. The visit itself was unremarkable. I...
  3. B

    How do they take your temperature?

    This topic came to me as I was looking at the age regression in the sick role thread. These days, most kids' temperatures are taken with ear thermometers. However, children back in the day didn't have that option, and some people stick to an adult route even in their Little headspace. So...
  4. T

    Finished Amanda Lana (from The AB Hospital) Promo

    Hi! I'm Amanda Lana. And I'm a client of the AB hospital created by Doctor Elizabeth Hipstress and her sister, Doodle. Oh? You ask who these people are? Well, let me tell you how i met them. I was just traveling one day on my way to a AB/DL con, mostly cause I like role playing with friends from...
  5. Fenrierlilfolf

    of unforeseen incidents and wet diapers

    I want to share with you something that happened last week. on tuesday night, I got padded, and in a cute pink nightgown (exploring my sissy side a bit <.<) I cubbed out for a while and fell asleep at around 3 am. I had to leave my window open, since it was way too hot to sleep with it closed...