1. Class4Division2

    I need help on a DIY project

    Does anyone know how to remove the design layer of a pull-up or baby diaper? I saw someone on etsy do it and was selling them and I'm trying to figure it out for myself so I don't have to spend so much money to get a bunch of cute diapers.
  2. KnappFlannel

    My Sewing Thread: AB Clothing and Diaper Projects (pic heavy)

    This is where I will keep track of my ab / little pattern drafting and sewing projects going forward and will be updated I as make things. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. Have an idea for a kind of clothing/diaper you can’t locate anywhere else? Comment or shoot me a msg, and if...
  3. I

    Invented DIY diaper donner for those who can't change their own.

    My invalid 300 pound incontinent (urinal & fecal) roommate with 10 inch diameter leg calves (Lymphedema) became unable to change her own pull-up diapers 9 to 15 times per 24 hour day because she couldn't reach past her knees. That task fell to me and I was literally dying from lack of RIM sleep...
  4. I

    Invented DIY diaper donner for those who can't change their own.

    Hello everyone! I'm a retired career pilot of WW2 Spitfire replica and newspaper/magazine cartoonist (parallel careers) who retired from both in 1990 to live my life's dream as a full time prolific inventor... while talking on my ham radio. :) I'm here to post in the incontinence forum about a...
  5. D

    Any Ideas for Landing Strip Removal?

    I have noticed that the tape landing panel is held in place really well on most diapers. If someone was interested in removing it without destroying the diaper, how would they go about such a task?
  6. Karit

    I Made My Own Cute Adult Size Baby Diapers... You Can Too!

    With a little effort, you can make your own cute diapers. Here’s how in 4 easy steps… Take a Tranquility ATN (All Thru the Night) Diaper and carefully pull apart the plastic from the padding. Take a Pull-Up and tear away the sides to have a flat diaper. Dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol...
  7. PrincessRosalind

    Any diaper tips?

    So I bought the largest size of a bunch of baby diapers and pull-ups because people said skinny kids could wear them, always comparing waist sizes, mines only 26”, not realizing a big booty will completely stop that from happening haha. Now, my problem is, I live with my parents still because...
  8. P

    Has anyone made a crib out of this?

    North States Superyard 3-in-1 Metal Gate I have a full size bed. I think teddycon has used these?
  9. S

    How to make a diaper

    I want to experience being in a diaper, but I am not able to buy any. Are there any ways of making a diaper?
  10. Sheepies

    How to make your own CUSTOM paci

    Nice and affordable adult sized pacifiers are sometimes hard to come by. If you're willing to drop a good amount of money on a pre-made paci by all means go for it but this guide will show you how to customize your own adult sized paci into any design you want at a fraction of the cost...
  11. MilesTheFox88

    Changing Table Restraints

    Hey there ADISC. So me and my fiance are finally taking the plunge and are taking the first steps to converting our room to a nursery / play area. Our first order or business is a changing table. We're going the DIY route, using foam and fabric on a folding table. My question is, how to we...
  12. Angellothefox

    For anyone how would you make a make shift abdl pram or buggy

    I watched a adult woman in this buggy at looked like it was made from the structure of those pushable bags that some old people had. They had a basset part where the woman was sitting her legs hanging out along with arms. It fitted her body in but her head was raised her arms was out and so was...
  13. ORBaby

    A home for our stuffies

    I just saw this on Facebook.
  14. xtrabulk

    DIY Diaper Pail for Cat Owners

    Hi there, I've been looking for a cheap diaper pail, and have found one for kinda free! We have cats, and the wife came home with that light litter. It was a huge bucket thing. Well, the container has an air tight hinged lid, and it works great as a wet pail. Half full of water it can hold 1...
  15. xtrabulk

    DIY Tape Zone Question

    I searched the forums blah blah blah. Anywho, quick question. How do you do a DIY tape zone, and would improve the quality of Drycare diapers? - - - Updated - - - ..I have clear tape and a fresh case ready!
  16. tornpup

    making my own toddler shoes

    I've been searching for some halfway decent shoes for me and haven't had any luck, so I decided to make some. I got a pair of plain, all white shoes and some acrylic paint and went to work on them. My boyfriend says he remembers shoes like these being popular back in the nineties but I don't...
  17. T

    silicone putty and potential AB uses

    So silicone putty is putty that dries in the air into silicone. You can buy it at Michaels and AC Moore. I was wondering if it would be safe to try to make a pacifier out of it. We know that so many people (myself included) wish the nuk 5 came in silicone. Any thoughts on safety feasibility or...
  18. Tygon

    The DIY Thread

    I was going to share photos of some things I made recently, but thought this would be a much more interesting thread if other people would share *B things that they have made as well. I see a few people have cool stuff scattered around in the gallery, but there's no collection of it. So, let's...
  19. betagame

    Household Hacker

    HouseholdHacker's Website I want to know who knows about Household Hacker and who done the experiments. Post your knowledge here.