1. KrazyBaby

    Problems with throwing away disposables / are cloth nappies the way forward?

    Hello! I live in the UK and in the area I live in we have strict rubbish (trash) collection rules. Our general household waste is collected once a week and we have a small bin, this bin has to have its lid closed to be collected and the binmen will not take any additional bags. I live with my...
  2. U

    public litter bin

    hi all I apologize this must have been asked a thousand times but in the uk is it within the law to dispose of a used nappy in a public litter bin wrapped in a plastic bag I haven't done this yet its just a disposal idea and wanted to check first thank you .
  3. tiny

    No nappy collection for the over 3s!

    Apparently, Anglesey Council are switching to a three-weekly rubbish collection. Obviously, the people most opposed to that idea would be parents of young children who don't want used nappies lingering around. So, the council has promised a two-weekly nappy collection... but only if you can...
  4. WaffleTear

    Disposal problem

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I just moved to a new house and I live with my parents. I was thinking everything would work out the way it used to but I was wrong. Where I once lived before there was garbage and recycling pick up weekly and we had a big garbage can so this was never...
  5. Piplup

    Staying with relatives

    So in a couple of weeks my boyfriend and I will be going to Otakon :biggrin: And for that weekend we'll be staying at my aunt and uncle's house since they don't live too far from the convention center. So I would love to wear diapers under my Pikachu kigurumi while at the con, but I think I'll...
  6. Greeniebell

    Secret Disposal Tips?

    I've always kept my used diapers in a seperate garbage bag in my room. Up until recently, I always had someone that would take the bag for me upon request. Howere, that person's no longer around. My current issues are: A) Keeping the bag, and smell down until I can throw it away. B) Finding a...
  7. R

    Disposal at sports grounds

    Antone know how easy it is to dispose of nappies at sports grounds? In particular the Kia Oval in London. I gather the disabled toilets (which probably have bins for this purpose) are usually protected by RADAR keys. Unfortunately I dont have one. Any thoughts/tips? Randatar
  8. B

    Diaper Disposal system/can?

    I'm working in a Café, we've got these Sangenic litter bins for diaper disposal... so... I was wondering if anyone has tried out Tommee Tippee's Sangenic Hygiene Plus or any products that works the same way? Is this suitable for disposing of adult diapers? Are there any other products that is...
  9. MsClara

    Disposing of Disposables

    So - got my first pack of disposables through the mail today. (From Nanny Amy AB Dreams - Adult Baby Nursery with Nanny Amy UK Midlands who does 5 Tena Superplus for £10 including p&p which is, yes a high unit price, but she does send them very well double wraped in brown paper and a bin liner...