1. realgood90

    Cloth Backing Allergy?

    I'm a big fan of Plastic backed diapers, but i've tried cloth-backed ones and found that they not only sag way worse than platic but also will provoke a rash where between the legs where the backing come sin contact with my skin, anyone else experiencing the same ?
  2. Argent

    Diaper Peference Poll (just for fun of course)

    Hi peeps, Spinning out of the recent excellent thread “Anyone prefer plastic tapes over velcro?” thought it could be fun to create a poll for some base stats on ADISCERS diaper preference. I couldn’t think of a way to capture all the preferences such as number of tapes/tabs or the type of...
  3. inconsurferdude

    Best THIN diaper for fecal incontinence

    Preferably something plastic-backed with leg guards. I've been having on-again off-again problems with IBS for nearly a year, and am already in diapers full time for bladder issues. Most of my bowel accidents are while asleep or in the morning right after waking up, so I wear very thick...
  4. KrazyBaby

    Problems with throwing away disposables / are cloth nappies the way forward?

    Hello! I live in the UK and in the area I live in we have strict rubbish (trash) collection rules. Our general household waste is collected once a week and we have a small bin, this bin has to have its lid closed to be collected and the binmen will not take any additional bags. I live with my...
  5. T

    Has anyone tried the Prevail Air briefs?

    Yeah, yeah, it's a medical diaper. Not super fun to look at, but I think I want to try them. They have the stretchy sides with two little rectangles of that velcro-ish tape on them. These diapers are also cloth-backed. Just checking in here in case anyone has tried them. They are pretty new...
  6. S

    Would you recommend cloth or disposable to a beginner?

    I haven't tried diapers so far (at all) - so, if I'd ever get round to it, what would you rather recommend: Disposable or cloth ones? From my subjective point of view, I'm not too keen on trying cloth ones so far, what with washing them and all... So in case I should try any, I'd probably grab...
  7. T

    Big vintage diaper question late '80s

    So, I have these very formative and very distinct memories of two particular types of diapers in my childhood. The type I wore well beyond potty training to bed "just in case" and the type I remember from when my friend got put into them in daycare for wetting his pants. So, we were both...
  8. plasticsounds

    Wearing disposables is the environmental choice...?

    I came upon this interesting article about cotton diapers vs. disposable. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-cloth-diapers-might-not-be-the-greener-choice-after-all/2015/05/08/32b2d8dc-f43a-11e4-bcc4-e8141e5eb0c9_story.html It's worth reading if you have guilt about wearing...
  9. Builderdad31

    disosable or cloth and plastic pants?

    Hello, so I have an issue. Being a dl isn't one tho. So there are a number of plastic backed disposables in the market, I would like to find one as a night time diaper, but it can't be overly crinkly. Any ideas on a best pick, the cloth backed disposables I find don't snug up as good as tapes...
  10. F

    Adult Pull Ups with Minimal Waistband?

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this (sorry if I'm in the wrong forum category), but I've been looking into the different pull-on diapers out there and I've ran into a little bit of a snag. I absolutely love GoodNites, but they're kinda small-ish. I can wear them, but they tear so easily...
  11. PampersScent

    Describe your ideal caretaker

    I think all of us have a fantasy of what our ideal caretaker is like in terms if looks and personality. Without necessarily naming who (Mom, friend, a crush) describe what this caretaker looks and acts like, maybe specific quirks you'd like. I don't think everyone on here has the same idea of a...
  12. xtrabulk

    Has Anyone Tried This Math?

    Say, has anyone taken the cost of a quality disposable vs the cost of laundering a couple adult cloth diapers and a pair of pants? I'm not good with numbers, but I am guessing my cloth setup is about .90 a use, while my dispies are about 1.90 a use. Any input? Let's put the debate to rest!
  13. Sitherus

    Looking for a specific diaper

    I've tried allot of disposables, but i Want to try some cloth diapers, and I have a preference although i don't know if it exists. Here's what I want, I want to find a diaper that is thick and bulky that fits me right and is soft to emulate a diaper. I want to sleep in it not to use it but to...
  14. D

    Looking for a new type of nappy

    Hey Everyone :) I should probably start off with saying why I am here :P Basically I am looking for a new nappy as you can probably tell from the title. I currently wear one every night and quite frequently during the day. Currently I wear Drynites, however (despite being pretty skinny, about...
  15. Z

    Need to find new diaper brand

    I have been wearing Wings Choice Plus for a few years, they are not the best ever, but for my budget, and not feeling right in a diaper that's not good old fashioned plastic backed, they worked alright for me, wearing mostly at night. I guess Kendall changed them, not more plastic backed I...
  16. ultrapampers

    Brands in Mexico? Pañales en México!

    I'm travelling to Mexico soon. Do any of you know of brands available there that aren't available here in the US? Thank you!
  17. PamperedBottom

    Random diaper thought

    As a kid, like most when on here when they discovered they liked diapers, they maybe had certain people they fantasied about putting them back into diapers by. To this day, I can never quite understand why either, but I always wanted to be diapered by an "older" lady. When I say older too, I...
  18. PamperedBottom

    I hope I'm not weird :(

    But, for some reason I like the smell of a poopy diaper. Not the smell of poop in specific, but the babyish scent of a Pamper's or Luvs diaper mixed with the scent of poop. It for some reason makes me feel extremely babyish inside, like I did a bad thing. it makes me feel weird though, I hope...
  19. crowza

    Favorite Cloth-backed diaper

    I am curious what is everyone's favorite cloth backed diaper? I know mine would have to be ABU Cloth Back Cushies or Attends Overnight Breathables
  20. W

    Greetings Y'All! Wannabe present! =)

    Hello there everyone out there! I'm excited to find this website! I grew up (still growing up) very confused and scared of the fact that I liked diapers... I didn't really understand why I did. I now know why I WAS scared. I was because I didn't like (and still don't) to be judged and...